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Working Together

Established in 2006, Crombie REIT is one of Canada's leading real estate investment trusts. We believe in building high-quality, sustainable real estate that enhances local communities for the long term. We invest in welcoming, convenient properties where people want to live, work, shop and play. With more than 280 properties nation-wide, we’re proud of how we’re helping shape Canada.




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The Crombie Story

Building Our Future

The company that would become Crombie REIT began more than 50 years ago as Atlantic Shopping Centres, a related company to Sobeys Inc. In the past 10 years, we've grown in size and value, from an $800-million to a $4.8-billion dollar company that's recognized and respected across Canada. Now, we're excited about our plans to continue to build this high-quality REIT over the next 10 years.

Our Guiding Values

We believe in the power of honesty.

Excellence & Quality

We have high standards and achieve ambitious goals.


We value strong and lasting relationships.


We embrace our responsibilities.


We help each other succeed.


We look for better ways.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Supporting the Communities Where We Live, Work, Shop and Play

Crombie is proud to support organizations that serve the communities we call home. With a focus on wellness and community enrichment, Crombie gives time and money each year to support the causes our employees believe in.

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Executive Team

Strong Leadership with a Hands-On Approach

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Board of Trustees

Setting a Strong Vision through Commitment to Values

​Doing business with openness and integrity is why Crombie continues to be successful in increasingly competitive markets. Whether it's a retailer leasing space from us, an investor trusting us with their money, or an employee seeking support to grow their career, they need to know they can depend on us to be honest, direct, and to deliver on the promises we make. 
Our customers, investors, and employees are all part of the community we're building, and we're determined to do right by every one of them.

GLENN HYNES Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President
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